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Understanding The Difference Between An LCSW, an LPC (LPCC), MFT (LMFT)

An argument is regularly brought forward, especially in California, that there aren’t any differences, whether nuanced or noticeable, between professions in mental health. So why are there different licenses if anyone with a master’s in mental health can run assessments, diagnostics, and treatment, through psychotherapy, for the full array of mental and emotional disorders in […]

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List of Every DSM-5 Diagnosis Code


Mental illnesses are medical conditions which involve alterations in thinking, emotion or behavior-or a mixture of the 3. They’re associated with distress and/or difficulties performing in social settings, at work or during family activities. In accordance with the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 1 in 5 people deal with a mental disorder, and one in 24 […]

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