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17 Office Space Decor Ideas

doctors office design idea

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I recently went through 5 rounds of hypnotherapy.

The hypnotist’s office was in an aging Brooklyn brownstone that had been converted into a medical co-working space.

I was really shocked when I first stepped into his ‘office’.

It was incredibly small, the white walls were terribly scuffed, there was dust everywhere, and all the furniture was shabby.

It created an immediate negative impression.

As a therapist, it’s important to have a welcome and comforting space for clients that simultaneously jibes with your own personality.

Below, I’ve highlighted some pictures of different private practice offices. You can take design inspiration from them, whether it motivates you to add a new couch or undertake an entire redesign!


17 Private Practice Office Decor Ideas

Swank Interior

lush doctor office

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Dark Wood Elegance

psychologist office interior design

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Classic Gray

classic gray interior

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Masculine Interior

masculine office design

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Yoga Office

private practice office design

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Elegantly Simple

nyc therapist office

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Leather & Plants

psychiatrist office design

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Fireplace With Yellow Swivels

doctor interior design idea

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Close Hip Quarters

social worker office

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Nighttime Swank

doctor office image

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Small Office Design

small office design

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Cute & Modern Decor

therapist office interior design

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Pink Sofas

psychologist office design

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Highly Creative

creative office style

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Cozy Blue

cozy blue therapy office

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therapist office remodel

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Summing Up

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You can see a range of different therapy office styles and layouts- some are dark and masculine, others are light and airy.

Some people hired interior designers to create the perfect look, while others cobbled together inspiration and bought some items off Wayfair.

It’s also interesting how some of the smaller spaces were able to transform into inviting atmospheres with some tactical fashioning.

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up into a gorgeous and inviting interior.

You can also spruce up the space with some therapeutic office decorations– plants, throw pillows, new wallpaper, paintings, art wall hangings, ladder bookshelves and more.

Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a NYC-based Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and a full-stack online marketer. One of his interests is helping private practice healing professionals (psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists) develop effective client-acquisition strategies.