Start Here - Healthcare & Medical Marketing Strategies

Start Here

To get you up and running marketing your private practice, use this page to skip to the sections that will be most helpful for you. 

Building A Website

The long and short of it is, if you don't have a website you need one. It's the central hub of your private practice's digital presence. 

Optimizing Your Website​

If you already have a website (or just launched one), you'll need to make sure that it converts people searching for mental-health help into paying clients. ​Follow my guidelines for creating a mobile-optimized, attractively formatted, and user-friendly website that gets prospective clients calling.  

​Choosing A Marketing Strategy

Therapist Directories Compared

Now that you have a website, your work isn't done! You'll need to choose a marketing strategy. This is simplest and most effective advertising strategy for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other healing professionals. It requires budgeting some money to advertising, but considering the life time value and per/session fees healing professionals typically charge, allocating $300-$500/month to display laser-targeted Ads on Google Search pages, it is well worth the investment. 

I have also laid out some other more integrative marketing strategies that you can check out here. ​

​Free Traffic Strategies

Nothing is better than getting clients for free. Check out some of my favorite strategies for therapists, psychologists, and other healing private practice professionals ​to get clients calling without spending a dime: 

Paid Traffic Strategies


My number one recommendation for paid traffic right now is AdWords. I wrote up a detailed guide to getting started with AdWords that provides everything you'll need to begin a Campaign that attracts clients to your private practice website. 

Paid Directories

Check out my review post that outlines my thoughts on two prominent paid directories for mental health professionals. It's a great place to start to get a sense of whether a paid directory is right for you. I run through the likely Return On Investment ​(using my mother's psychotherapy private practice as an example) and calculate how the advertising spend on the directory compares with our success using AdWords.